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Diesel APU Truck Parking Air Conditioner

Sleeper tractor No-Idling solution - VehiClima APU
The VehiClima APU truck air conditioner is designed for sleeper tractors, which have a living cabin behind the driver's cabin. On one hand, it provides electrical power for the air conditioner in condition of truck parking or truck engine shutting-off; on the other hand, it provides electrical power for other home appliances in the living cabin. The VehiClima APU truck air conditioner includes the auxiliary power unit (APU), air conditioner controlling unit, and operation unit. It was developed by VehiClima Industry and Kubota, Japan. With Hybrid technology, this system has made great achievements in reducing energy consumption and vehicle exhaust emission, to return a green earth to human beings.

The reason for choosing VehiClima APU
1) The refrigerant used is environmentally friendly R134a. The hermetic compressor working on single phase AC power (115V/60Hz) is of super reliable performance and has passed CE certification. The inner-thread copper tube and ripple cuffed aluminum fin of the heat exchanging cores assure high-efficient heat exchanging rate. With the above configuration, heating and cooling capacity of the air conditioner is abundant to match the human being's demand.
2) Reliable and Powerful Diesel Engine
The diesel engine used in the truck air conditioner is world-class brand Kubota (Model: Z482 E3B, made in Japan). Kubota's world-advanced E-TVCS (three vortex combustion system) diesel engine technology highly improved the power output of unit volume. The combustion chamber was optimized to achieve a lower particulate matter (PM) level in such a small size range. Compact size, light weight, low fuel-consuming rate, powerful output consists the engine's futures. Kubota's worldwide after-sales networks can provide customers with prompt professional services if help is required.
3) Smooth Electricity for the A/C and Enough Power for Other Electrical Devices
An energy-saving and high performance generator (rare earth permanent magnet synchronous generator) was specially designed for VehiClima APU truck air conditioner. This generator has characteristics of smooth voltage output, low waveform deviation factor, anti-electromagnetic interference (anti-EMI), good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), low temperature rise of AC motor, high overload capacity, etc. All these outstanding features can help VehiClima APU truck air conditioner overcome poor working conditions and provide smooth electricity to the whole A/C system and enough power to the other electrical devices in the living cabin (when the truck's main engine shuts off).
4) Help to Easily Start the Main Engine in Winter
In winter, the heating system can provide heat to the truck's main engine, to help easily start the main engine, extend its lifespan and lower the main engine's maintenance costs.
5) Outside Electrical Power Source can be Adoptable
When the truck is parked and an outside electric power source is available, the driver can plug in the outside electrical power source to let the A/C system work. This can help the driver save fuel costs.
6) Easy operation
All functions of VehiClima APU truck air conditioners can be easily operated through the micro-PC control panel, which can be set into "automatic program''in advance. Operation requests and running status is clearly shown to the user on the LED panel. It's very easy for the driver to grasp how to operate.
7) Reliable working performance
We offer a warranty period of 4000 hours (2 years). The well-sealed cooling system assures the refrigerant's annual leak rate is no more than 5mg.
8) Environment friendly
Low noise: ≤ 65 dB
Low fuel consumption: 240g/kwh
Low exhaust emission: North America EPA exhaust emission standard
9) The auxiliary power unit truck air conditioner will greatly extend the life of the main diesel engine and significantly extend its oil change intervals.

As a professional APU truck air conditioner manufacturer in China, we also supply articulated bus air conditioner, transport refrigeration unit, DC electric truck air conditioner, van refrigeration unit, rooftop mount truck air conditioner, and more.

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