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World-wide Exclusive Agents Wanted
We hereby formally invite world-wide companies, who has been dealing with auto air conditioning units for years or just interested in this industrial sector and try to make a long-term development through the following years' efforts, to act as our exclusive agent in the specified local market.
With the commission of contributing to the world's commercial vehicle industry with China's power, deeply hold the belief of "1+1>2", always provide customers with safe, comfortable, durable and qualified products & prompt-efficient services at competitive prices on win-win cooperating basis, we believe we can, and we will, become the customer's foremost choice in auto air conditioning industrial sector.

Our auto air conditioning products include
1. Bus air conditioning units
2. Truck air conditioning units
3. Engineering vehicle air conditioning units
4. Recreational vehicle air conditioning units
5. Luxury trailer APU air conditioning units
6. Battery-drive DC electric air conditioning units for sleeper trucks
7. Main battle vehicle air conditioning units for Tanks, Armered vehicles, etc.
8. Transport refrigeration units for Vans & Trucks
9. Other special vehicle air conditioning units
10. Air conditioning units for other special applications.

The companies who hope to enter into our world-wide market system should occupy strengths as follows
Have its own engineers, technicians, and technical workers, meanwhile, have its own facilities for installation, after-sales service and daily maintenance.
1. Be active in the specified sector of bus industry, and enjoy a good name locally.
2. Have a nation-wide after-sales station-net, or dedicating to weave its nation-wide after-sales station-net.

Any companies in accordance who is interested in working along with us, please feel free to contact us, your contacts will be highly appreciated and will be responded within 24 hours.

Welcome to join us!

Zhengzhou VehiClima Industry Co., Ltd.

Main Products
    1. Pure Electric DC12V/24V Passenger Van Air Conditioner
    2. Pure Electric DC12V/24V Passenger Van Air ConditionerThe pure electric DC12V/24V battery driven air conditioning VDC80D is designed to provide comfort air...
    1. DC Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner
    2. DC Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner The DC battery powered truck air conditioner is fully DC powered. Our revolutionary A/C system is powered by 12 volts or 24 volts starting ...
    1. Truck Parking Air Heater
    2. Truck Parking Air HeaterThe air heaters operate like forced air furnaces, which heats and propels air into the passenger compartment through dedicated venting.
    1. Truck Parking Water Heater
    2. Truck Parking Water HeaterThe coolant heaters operate like hot water furnaces, which heats vehicle’s coolant and circulates the heated coolant in vehicle’s coolant system...
    1. Midi Bus Air Conditioner
    2. Midi Bus Air Conditioner The roof-mount layout makes the midi bus air conditioner convenient to open and overhaul. The fashionable streamline design perfectly integrates with the bus body.
    1. Big Bus Air Conditioner
    2. Big Bus Air ConditionerThe roof-mount layout makes the big bus air conditioner convenient to open and overhaul. The fashionable streamline design perfectly integrates with the bus body.