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Pure Electric DC12V/24V Passenger Van Air Conditioner

    1. VDC80D
    2. VDC80DCooling Capacity: 8000Watts 27520 Btu/h
      Refrigerant / Charge Volume: R134a / 1.85 LBS (850 g)
      Total Current @ 35C/95F Ambient Temp: 55A-110A
      Applications: Designed for passenger vans to work based on DC12V/24V batteries.
  • Pure electric DC12V/24V battery powered, idle free and fuel saving, zero emission;
  • Equipped with self-contained electric compressor;
  • Suitable for 5-6.5m passenger vans of all brands including Iveco, Benz, VW, Ford, etc.;
  • Rooftop mount, easy to install and daily maintain;
  • VehiClima air conditioner, built to last;

    Nowadays, air pollution is more and more serious, especially in the large cities. Thus, more and more places have approved anti-idling laws in city transports, like in Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, most European and American large cities, the idling time is not allowed to exceed 3 minutes, once idling time exceeds 3 minutes, it would lead a big penalty due to anti-idling laws.

    The pure electric DC12V/24V battery driven air conditioning VDC80D is designed to provide comfort air for the passengers during the break period when engine is off. For midi and big buses, VDC80D unit is used as an auxiliary air conditioning unit to couple with the bus’s main A/C unit, when engine is off, the main A/C unit stops working, the auxiliary A/C unit VDC80D would continue working to provide comfort air to the cab.

    Actually, the 8000W cooling capacity unit is enough for around 12 seats passenger Vans, that’s why more and more clients use this unit VDC80D as main air conditioning unit to replace the traditional engine-driven A/C unit for their passenger Vans. Most important, this would save a big fuel cost...

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