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R & D Capability

With the ministerial and provincial-level automotive air conditioner R&D center, our team of 120 seasoned professionals is large enough to handle complex jobs and independently develop all types of HVAC, cooling units and heat exchangers for various vehicles through our multiple designing platforms. As it turns out, we have more than 20 national technology patents registered every year. In 2002, our company has been approved by ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949 certifications.

R & D Capability

We established China domestic advanced auto air conditioner and heat-exchanger testing Laboratory, Currently, our R & D center has over 90 sets of testing equipment, which can meet the demand of various vehicle air conditioners’ and heat-exchangers’ developing, producing and testing.

  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability

In 2009, our testing center has been successfully approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), thus the testing reports issued by our testing center will be recognized in over 46 countries world-widely. In the same year 2009, our laboratory has been approved by China Certification Center for Auto Products (CAP) as CAP’s subcontracted testing laboratory. This is the highest award in auto air conditioner industry in China.

  • R & D CapabilityCertification of Henan Provincial Auto AC R & D Center
  • R & D CapabilityCertification of our Testing Center Approved by CNAS
  • R & D CapabilityCertification of CAP Suscontracted Testing Laboratory
  • R & D CapabilityISO9001 ISO-TS16949 Certification Approved by AFAQ
Environmental Simulation Testing System
  • Environmental Simulation Temperature Range: -25~60℃
  • Relative Humidity: 20%~90%
  • Wind Speed (Max):200km/h
  • Illumination Intensity: 1200W/m2
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
HVAC Performance Test Equipment
Achievable Testing items:
  • Air volume and air volume ratio testing.
  • Wind outlet temperature uniformity testing.
  • Temperature linearity testing.
  • Evaporator Coil’s working performance testing.
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
Auto A/C system Performance Test Equipment
Main Achievable Testing Items:
  • Condensing unit performance testing.
  • Evaporating unit performance testing.
  • Single evaporator A/C system testing.
  • Dural evaporators A/C system testing.
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
Semi-anechoic Chamber NVH Test System
Achievable Testing items:
  • Cut-off Frequency: 125Hz
  • Background Noise: ≤20dBA
  • Free Sound Field Radius: ≥1m
  • Sound Absorption Coefficient: ≥99%
NHV Test System Main Function:
  • Modal Analysis
  • Transfer Function Transfer Path Analysis.
  • FFT Spectrum Analysis
  • 1/n Octave (time domain ) Analysis.
  • Acoustic Power Analysis.
  • Noise Radiation and Vibration Damping Coefficient
  • R & D Capability
  • R & D Capability
Main Products
    1. Pure Electric DC12V/24V Passenger Van Air Conditioner
    2. Pure Electric DC12V/24V Passenger Van Air ConditionerThe pure electric DC12V/24V battery driven air conditioning VDC80D is designed to provide comfort air for the passengers during the break period when engine is off.
    1. DC Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner
    2. DC Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner The DC battery powered truck air conditioner is fully DC powered. Our revolutionary A/C system is powered by 12 volts or 24 volts starting or auxiliary battery, without running the vehicle's engine.
    1. Truck Parking Air Heater
    2. Truck Parking Air HeaterThe air heaters operate like forced air furnaces, which heats and propels air into the passenger compartment through dedicated venting.
    1. Truck Parking Water Heater
    2. Truck Parking Water HeaterThe coolant heaters operate like hot water furnaces, which heats vehicle’s coolant and circulates the heated coolant in vehicle's coolant system, thus to preheat the engine, fuel, hydraulics, and other service fluids ...
    1. RV Parking Air & Water Integrated Heater
    2. RV Parking Air & Water Integrated HeaterUse one heater to supply warm air and living hot water in the RVs, save installation space.
    1. Van Refrigeration Unit
    2. Split Rooftop-mount Van Refrigeration Unit The split rooftop-mount van refrigeration unit is a split type unit, and is a 2 pieced unit. It can meet frozen and chilled application requirements for miniature and medium sized cargo vans.