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RV Parking Air & Water Integrated Heater

    1. AWH
    2. AWH AWH series heaters are specially designed for RVs, which combine cab air heater function and living water heater function as one integrated machine.
      As an ISO9000 certified corporation, our AWH series heaters have approved CE certification and E-mark certification.
      Now, you can enjoy your RV travelling with warm air and 24-hours available living hot water using your VEHICLIMA air and water combined heater.

Features & Benefits of AWH Series Heaters
1. Use one heater to supply warm air and living hot water in the RVs, save installation space.
2. Operate more economically: LPG, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel versions are available.
3. AC electric source (220V/50Hz and/or 115V/60Hz) is combined.
4. Distribute the warm air to the right places desired through 4 air channels.
5. Anti-freezing security water valve adopted, water would be drained out automatically when ambient temperature decreases down to 3+/-1C.
6. Can work with RV air conditioning as a combined system, shift operation of A/C and heater automatically according to vehicle interior temperature.
7. Drain and ventilation valves ensure fresh air in RV cab and water gets out timely.
8. Intelligent self-manage highland function mode, never worry the heater does not work in highland regions.

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