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Truck Parking Water Heater

    1. Truck Parking Water Heater (5kW unit), CH
    2. Truck Parking Water Heater (5kW unit), CHThe water heater can be installed in the engine compartment.
      Small-diameter pipelines
      Need-driven heat output – either via panel radiators or radiators with fan
      Avoid wearing and tearing the engine thanks to pre-heating in the cold winter.
    1. Truck Parking Water Heater (9kW unit), CH
    2. Truck Parking Water Heater (9kW unit), CHMore consistent heat output
      Automatic operation
      Remote control is optional. (no more than 800 meters)
      Energy saving and environmental friendly heating appliance

How the VehiClima Water Heater Works
Inside the water heater, combustion air from the environment and fuel from the vehicle tank are mixed and ignited in the combustion chamber. The water preheater is connected with the vehicle's engine radiator. Coolant from the engine is heated by the heat system and circulated in the engine's cooling system. Thus, the engine is warmed up while the engine is off. This makes it very easy to start the engine in a very cold day in winter. Meanwhile, perfect warm air will be fed into the cabin interior once you start the A/C or warm blower.

  • Schematic Diagram-1

    Truck Parking Water Heater a. to connect the engine
    b. coolant outlet
    c. coolant inlet
  • Schematic Diagram-2

    Truck Parking Water Heater 1. Engine
    2. Heater
    3. Warm Blower (Radiator)
    4. Shut Off Valve

The coolant heaters operate like hot water furnaces, which heats vehicle's coolant and circulates the heated coolant in vehicle's coolant system, thus to preheat the engine, fuel, hydraulics, and other service fluids as well as provide supplementary heat. They are easily OEM installed or retrofitted in a variety of applications, and they operate taking a small amount fuel from vehicle's fuel tank and a little electric energy from vehicle's battery.

Compact and lightweight
Advanced electronic controls with smart logic safety and self-diagnostic features
No electrical plug-ins required
Low power and fuel consumption
Heat regulation through stepless controller
CE and E-mark verified
Produced under ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949
Radio remote control function is optional. This makes it possible to pre-heat your vehicles before they start working even you are still in the bedroom!

Warms with engine off, a big saving on fuel cost.
Significantly reduce engine’s wear and vehicle’s vibration, greatly extend vehicle’s
maintenance period, a big saving on vehicle’s repairing fees.
Green technologies help to save the living environment for human-beings.
Help to easily start the main engine in winter.

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