Truck Parking Air Heater

How the VEHICLIMA Air Heater Works
Inside the air heater, combustion air from the environment and fuel from the vehicle tank are mixed and ignited in the combustion chamber. Fresh or re-circulated air is heated by the thermal energy and fed into the interior.

The air heaters operate like forced air furnaces, which heats and propels air into the passenger compartment through dedicated venting. The heaters cycle quietly through four levels to maintain a desired temperature range without idling. They are easily OEM installed or retrofitted in a variety of applications, which require only a small amount of fuel from vehicle’s fuel tank (or from a separate small fuel tank which is only for the heater) and a little electric power from vehicle battery to operate.

Compact and lightweight
Advanced electronic controls with smart logic safety and self-diagnostic features
No electrical plug-ins required
Low power and fuel consumption
Heat regulation through stepless controller
CE and E-mark verified
Operated under ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949
Radio remote control function is optional. This makes it possible to pre-heat your vehicles before they start working even you are still in the bedroom!

Warms with engine off, a big saving on fuel cost
Significantly reduce engine wear and vehicle's vibration, greatly extend vehicle’s maintenance period, a big saving on vehicle’s repairing fees
Green technologies help to save the living environment for human-beings

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