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Monoblock Series Truck Refrigeration Unit

Monoblock type unit instructions
The RM series unit is a single piece, monoblock design. It is designed for small, medium and large refrigeration trucks for both frozen and fresh applications. It has a high capacity and airflow in order to ensure a superior temperature distribution to protect the product load. Insulation in the built in evaporator maximizes the load space.

Application Perfect performance for small, medium and large-sized trucks
Monoblock Design Unique aerodynamic condenser design with built-in evaporator, this maximize the container's load space.
Performance High refrigeration capacity, f ast cooling down
Components All key components are imported brands to ensure the system's reliable performance
Serviceable Design Easy installation and low maintenance cost
User-friendly Microprocessor based in-cab controller, multi-function program
Advanced Tech Advanced temperature control technologies, which ensure low operation cost
Options Hot gas heating system
Multi-temperature system
Electric standby unit
GPS intelligent managing system
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