1. RS180
    2. RS180 The above data shall be subject to changes without any prior notice.
    1. RS280
    2. RS280 Condenser unit
      Super slim evaporator unit
    1. RS380
    2. RS380The above applicable volume is only for reference, which is based on thermal conductivity...
    1. RS480
    2. RS480The above refrigerating capacity is tested @ISO standard of ambient temp.: 37.8℃.
    1. RS580
    2. RS580 Engine driven compressor
      Installation kit
    1. RS680
    2. RS680 In-cab digital control system
      Standby unit (optional)
    1. RS780
    2. RS780The above data shall be subject to changes without any prior notice.
    1. RS980
    2. RS980 Super slim evaporator unit
      Engine driven compressor

Split Type Truck Refrigeration Unit

The RS series nose-mount (front-mount) truck refrigeration unit is a split type unit, and is a 2 pieced unit. It can meet frozen and chilled application requirements for full range of light, medium and heavy trucks. The unit's compressor is driven by the vehicle engine. The electric standby unit is optional, and its compressor is driven by an electrical motor. The split nose-mount (front-mount) truck refrigeration unit's condenser is typically nose-mounted on front of truck’s insulation box.

Application Perfect performance for light, medium and heavy full range trucks
Cond. & Evap. Unique aerodynamic condenser design of durable FRP cover
Super slim evaporator with high airflow
Performance High refrigeration capacity, fast cooling down
Components All key components are imported brands to ensure the system's reliable performance
Serviceable Design Easy installation and low maintenance cost
User-friendly Microprocessor based in-cab controller, multi-function program
Advanced Tech Advanced temperature control technologies, which ensures a low operation cost
Options Hot gas heating system
Multi-temperature system
Electric standby unit
GPS intelligent managing system

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