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Independent Bus Air Conditioner

    1. VB30P Independent Bus Air Conditioner Adopt high quality diesel engine ISUZU 493, ensure the splendid working performance. No effect on bus running.
      Roof-mount layout makes convenient opening and overhauling.
      Fashionable appearance, perfectly integrating with the blue body;

The independent bus air conditioner is powered by an auxiliary diesel engine ISUZU 493, which is designed for 11-14 meters large buses.

1. It uses a high quality diesel engine ISUZU 493, ensuring the splendid working performance. No effect on bus running.
2. The roof-mount layout makes the independent bus air conditioner convenient to open and overhaul.
3. With its high quality fiberglass epoxy resin case and cover, the big bus air conditioner has high strength and high resistance to vibration and corrosion.
4. It has abundant cooling capacity, low noise and lower power consumption.
5. World-brands key parts assure the system's reliability and stability.
6. The water-proof connectors efficiently increase the independent bus air conditioner's reliability and lifespan of the electric parts.
7.Universal parts' application leads maintaining interchangeability, lowering after-sales service costs.

VehiClima Industry is a China independent bus air conditioner manufacturer. Besides bus air conditioner, we also offer truck air conditioner, engineering vehicle air conditioner, recreational vehicle air conditioner, main battle vehicle air conditioner, and more.

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